Window Secondary Glazing

Window Secondary Glazing

We have many styles of secondary glazing to suit your application and budget.  Each item is made to measure to ensure they fit perfectly and, with many years experience, we can offer excellent advice and knowledge.

Secondary glazing is ideal to reduce noise and draughts, and in the summer you can add a fly screen allowing you to leave your windows open at night.

We have staff specifically trained for secondary glazing - so we know we can help. Our products are part of one of the largest secondary systems in Europe.

This page is just a small introduction to secondary glazing, if you are bemused by the number of options then we can help. All we need are the sizes of the unit(s) required, are they to be fixed to the existing window frame (face fix) or fixed to the wall (reveal fix) and would you like them to slide vertically, horizontally or lift out. Once you have these details then e-mail or fax them to us.

Tilt-Back Vertical Sliding Secondary Window

This is our Tilt-Back Vertical Sliding Secondary Window.
These animations shows how both panels slide vertically and how they tilt back.

Vertical Sliding Dropped Frames
Tilt Back Dropped Frames

As you can see, the window tilts back to allow for very easy cleaning. The window is shown here in white and has been trimmed around the outside of the frame to give a very smart appearance.

Secondary Glazing

Here we show that both the top and bottom panels tilt back easily. Tilting back these panels can be done with just finger-tips.

Secondary Glazing

Horizontal Sliding Window

This window is our horizontal sliding window. It is made from aluminium and comes pre-finished in white although 200 other colours are available. This picture shows a small 2 panel window although larger windows can have more panels.

Secondary Glazing

Easy to Remove Panels

Here you can see that the panels can be easily removed for cleaning. Apart from occasional cleaning no other maintenance is required.

Secondary Glazing

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing involves adding a second window inside your property, next to the existing window. Each window is made to measure to match the appearance of you existing window. Your original "outside" windows remain untouched. Curtains and blinds remain unaffected most of the time.

What does it do?

  • Reduces noise from outside - ideal to reduce traffic noise etc.
  • Improves thermal insulation - reduce your heating bills and add comfort.
  • Reduces draughts

Where is it used?

  • Busy areas where traffic noise is a nuisance - even when double glazing is already fitted.
  • Listed properties and properties within conservation areas are ideal where you are unable to modify the existing external windows.
  • Leasehold properties where changing the existing windows may be uneconomical.
  • Any window that needs noise reduction and/or draught reduction. /li>

What does it look like?

  • Usually they are white, although optionally we can paint them any one of 200 colours.
  • They are made from durable aluminium so they won't rot and require very little maintenance.
  • They come with covering trims so you don't see any of your fixing screws and the units are already pre-drilled for easier installation.

Standard Features

  • White Finish
  • 4mm Float Glass
  • MDF Face Fix Frame
  • TM1 Trims/Beads


  • Silver, Brown or 200 RAL Colours available at extra cost
  • Obscure, Toughened or Laminated glass
  • Extended sub frame for Reveal fixing or No sub frame for Economy
  • Wider trims
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