Smarts Penthouse Sliding Patio Doors

Smarts Penthouse Sliding Patio Doors

Unlike many patio doors Smarts Penthouse Aluminium Patio Door CAN SLIDE TO EITHER SIDE. This allows you to have a far more flexible furniture layout, as normal Patio Doors have a fixed panel and just one sliding panel. This fixed layout dictates the positioning of your furniture. With our Aluminium Patio Door, both (or more) panels can slide to either side - so that you're not tied to where you can place your furniture.

Thinking of a Patio Door - How About Our Aluminium Bi-fold Doors?

Our bi-folds are great for small and large openings alike - but they give a clear opening rather than a patios 50%. See our Aluminium Bi-folds section for more information.


  • All panels can slide - no need for fixed panels.
  • Designed to give maximum glass and minimum frame.
  • Choice between a 104mm deep two track system or 160mm deep triple track system.
  • Slim and strong polyamide thermally broken aluminium sections
  • Triple track system with three panels, give around a two-thirds opening and maximum flexibility.
  • Specially designed threshold may be flush fitted giving minimal step-over.
  • 5 point high security locking made up of 4 mushroom bolts plus hook lock.
  • Handles park upright - no intrusion into the glass area.
  • All doors come with anti-lift stops and wool pile included.
  • System is designed for tall and wide apertures, with panels to 2.5 metres each, therefore a 5 metre opening can be achieved with just 2 panels.
  • Combination of Stainless steel tracks, high specification hardware and a unique sliding mechanism ensures that despite their weight panels glide easily.
  • High weather performances, makes them suitbale for use on upper floors or by the coast, for example.

Maximum Opening and Flexibility

To maximise the opening area our system also allows the overall opening area to be as large as possible. This improves access into the room and provides you with maximum ventilation. You can see from the diagrams below that with 3 panels the opening is about two-thirds of the total opening, rather than half of the total opening with a two panel door.

Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 3 panel Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 3 panel

Not Just 2 and 3 Panels!

We don't just do 2 and 3 panel sliding patio doors - we also do 4, 5 and 6 panel patio doors too!
As you can see in the following pictures, the 6 panel door provides an especially large opening.

Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 2 panel Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 2 panel
Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 3 panel Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 3 panel
Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 4 panel
Penthouse Sliding Door Configuration 6 panel

High Security Locking is Standard

4 point high security locking is standard for doors over 1800mm high (most doors are around 2100mm).

The picture shows a typical lock from our patio doors.

You can see in the picture the high security "hook locks" that hook into the frame of the door.

Your doors will come with 1, 2 or 3 keys depending on the door design.

Penthouse Patio Door Handles and Locks


  • White is the standard colour; however Black, Brown, Silver or 200 other colours are optionally available.
  • All furniture is black.
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