Smarts Penthouse Plus Sliding Patio Doors Technical Specifications

The sizes detailed below are for guidance only, if the sizes you require are less than the minimum or exceed our maximum recommended sizes - please ask our technical department for advice.

Recommended Sizes
Min. Width (mm)1400
Max. Width (mm)6950
Min. Height (mm)1800
Max. Height (mm)2700
Max. Panel Width (mm)2500
Max. Weight (Kg)200
Profile Depth
Two Track System (mm)116
Three Track System (mm)183
Sight Lines
Head (mm)117
Extended Head (mm)157
Jambs (mm)117
Interlocks (mm)83
Slim Interlocks (mm)35
Meeting Stiles (mm)156
Threshold (mm)117
Threshold & Cill (mm)142

Patio Door Performance

U Value
2400 Pa

Heavy duty interlock, standard double-glazed units, 90% argon gas filled (low-E, en=0.05, soft coat), 16mm or more (1.0 Glass - U Value centre Pane*). We offer Planitherm 4S 24mm units (Oct 2010 Part L Compliant). Stats to be confirmed by testing carried out by Smart Systems.

Suitable Applications

  1. Can be specified for domestic or light commercial applications.
  2. Meets Doc. L building regulations for new build. (For Oct. 2010)
  3. Meets Doc. L building regulations for replacement and refurbishment projects. (Oct. 2010)
  4. Can meet Doc. Q for new dwellings upon request, not as standard. (Oct. 2015)
  5. High weather rated patio door, suitable for use on the ground floor up to sixth floor.
  6. Slim Interlock is suitable for use on up to the first floor and doors up to 2150mm tall.
  7. Standard Interlock is suitable for use on up to the first floor and doors up to 2350mm tall.
  8. Heavy Duty Interlock is suitable for use on up to the sixth floor, doors up to 2700mm tall and doors installed in exposed locations (i.e. on the coast).

Opening Styles

Patio Door styles are all viewed from the outside.

Penthouse Patio Door Configurations

Please remember all sizes are for guidance only and are subject to location of the fitted product. Please contact us for more information.

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