Smarts Penthouse Plus Sliding Patio Doors Hardware Options

Penthouse Plus Sliding Patio Doors combine sophisticated style and performance, using high specification hardware to provide a smooth easy-glide opening action. Strong and built to last the hardware results in maximum panel weights of up to 200 Kg, far exceeding the weight requirements of even the largest doors we can fabricate.

These D-Handles are a very practical and solid handle option. The style of these handles is slightly commercial and is very similar to that of any convensional patio door handle.

Available Colours: White, Black and Silver

Penthouse Patio Doors D-Handle

Lever-Lever Handles
Our lever-lever handles are a new concept in patio door handles, parking upright out of the glass sight-line when not in use. They give a stylish and contemporary, look and feel to your home. They are available in the same range of colours as our D-handles.

Available Colours: White, Black and Silver.

Penthouse Patio Doors Lever-Lever Handle

Security Features

When anyone has new windows or doors installed in their home, security is always at the forefront of their mind. That is why all of our doors have been designed and manufactured with security in mind. Not only giving people what they want, but what they need; excellent security without compromise. With our doors you can have peace of mind and rest assure that your home is safe and secure.

  1. High Security Multi-Point Locking System
    These Patio Doors are fitted with high security multipoint locking as standard. The locking mechanism consists of a total of five locking points; four bi-directional heavy duty mushroom bolts and a deep throw hook lock; fully securing the sliding panels.

    Depending on what handle option you choose, the locking mechanism is either operated by lifting the small lever on the D-handle, or by the lifting motion of the lever-Lever handles. When the Lever-Lever handle is parked upright the doors are locked.

  2. Anti-Lift Blocks
    It is highly recommended that external sliding doors are fitted with an anti-lift device. The anti-lift blocks on these doors are designed to prevent the sliding panels from being disengaged from the track. This is a common method of breaking into sliding patio doors. Once the sliding sashes are inserted into the frame, this simple yet effective anti-lift device is fitted to the top and bottom of each sliding sash.

    This device restricts the movement of the panels, so that they cannot rise up and out of the track, they also act as a guide, assisting in the smooth sliding action of the doors. When combined with our high security multipoint locking, they practically eliminate the threat of someone attempting this method of forced attack.

  3. Mono-Rail Frame Construction
    The door panels on these patio doors slide on a monorail style track, which acts as both a guide and security measure. The sliding sashes sit on the mono-rail shaped outer frame and track, which protrudes up into the sliding panels. When closed the sliding panel wraps and covers the outer frame jambs, in a male - female coupling action that conceals the locks and keeps. This makes the locking mechanism impervious to attack and helps to prevent the panels being lifted out of the frame.

  4. Locking Handle
    When closed use the key to lock the cylinder to lock off the handle and prevent the handle from being used to operate the locks.

  5. High Security Glazing
    These Patio doors are internally glazed using a high security glazing bead and wedge gasket. This provides both added security and ease of installation. Since the sealed units are put in from the inside they can only be removed from within the property.

    The glass in all of our aluminium doors is toughened safety glass as standard, which is much harder to break than standard float glass. You can however further increase the security of these doors by upgrading to our laminated security glass.

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