Smarts Duraslide 2000 Sliding Patio Doors

Smarts Duraslide 2000 Sliding Patio Doors

The Smarts Duraslide 2000 is suitable for residential applications and can be installed into new or existing timber subframes or direct to brick. It is highly secure and achieves excellent U-values inline with the current Building Regulations. These aluminium patio doors have been design to be suitable for use as replacement doors in existing buildings as well as for installation into new buildings.

The Smarts Duraslide 2000 is a modern and aesthetically pleasing sliding doors. It offers a double or triple track option and some nice additional features over the 1000 series. The 2000 is extremely versatile and can have 2, 3 or 4 panels, all of which can slide. Despite the advantages of the Duralside 2000 over the 1000, it is still a very competitively priced patio door.


2, 3 and 4 panel configurations available, all panels can slide. Excellent U-values exceeding Building Regulations. Overall U values as low as 1.4 W/mēK (when triple glazed). Slim-line aluminium profiles with meeting styles of just 36.5mm. Interlocks have an oval egg section for strength and improved wind resistance. Multi-point locking system, consists of four sturdy bi-directional hook locks and a stainless steel one piece keep. Wrap around glazing system, provides added security and slim sight-lines. Double or triple track option. 3 panels on a triple track, gives around a two-thirds clear opening. 70mm deep outerframe suitable for traditional installations. 122mm for triple track. Can be installed into timber subframe's or direct to brick.

Colour Options

Our products are all painted with a hardwearing polyester powdercoat paint, the paint is built to last and baked onto the aluminium. We only use approved polyester powder coat paint specialists, and can therefore offer a ten year guarantee. This finish is high quality and low maintenance, only requiring an occasional sponge down.

Smarts Duraslide 2000 Sliding Patio Doors are available in standard white, our DUR colour range, a range of textured paint finishes, a oak wood structure paint finish, a silver anodised finish and any of over 200 single or dual RAL colour finishes. Dual colour is where you can have different colours inside and out, for example dark grey outside and white inside.

Please provide the colour code (e.g. DUR 7016 Matt) when requesting a quote or placing an order.

Glass Options

When it comes to glass you can have almost anything you want. The type of project will generally dictate what glass is required, however compliance with Building Regulations and personal preferences such as the level of security, privacy and thermal efficiency will also be considerations when making your decision.

Standard double glazed units for these doors are toughened safety glass, Low-E, soft coat Planitherm 4S coating, 90% argon gas filled sealed units, with a warm edge spacerbar and a centre pane U-value of 1.1 W/M2K. You can also have triple glazed sealed units, but weight and size restrictions will apply.

Below are some popular glass options:

  • Standard Clear Toughened
  • Laminated Security
  • Self Cleaning
  • Solar Control
  • Self Clean, Solar Control


The Smarts Duraslide 2000 Sliding Doors combine style and performance, using high specification hardware to provide a smooth easy-glide opening action. Strong and built to last the high specification hardware results in maximum panel weights of up to 200 Kg, far exceeding the weight requirements of even the largest doors we can fabricate.

Handle Options

For these doors you can have either a traditional D-handle or a stylish P-handle. Both options provide an ergonomic user friendly handle, with which to operate the doors, so only personal preference dictates which one you choose.

Both handles come with key locking, the D-handles are available in either Matt Black or Anodised Silver and the P-handles are available in Gloss White, Chrome, Gold or a Matt Silver finish.

Track & Rollers

These doors are bottom hung and sit on high strength rollers that can take sash weights of up to 200Kg. The hardwearing nylon rollers support the entire weight of the doors and when combined with the stainless steel track, result in a smooth gliding opening action.

The rollers are concealed by the sliding sash, which overlaps and runs on the track like a monorail.

Security Features

When anyone has new windows or doors installed in their home, security is always at the forefront of their mind. That is why all of the doors have been designed and manufactured with security in mind. Not only giving people what they want, but what they need; excellent security without compromise. With these doors you can have piece of mind and rest assure that your home is safe and secure.

The key security features of these doors are outlined below:

Duraslide 2000 security features
  1. High Security Multi-point Locking
    These Patio Doors are fitted with high security multi-point locking as standard. The locking mechanism consists of a total of four bi-directional hook locks, which fully secure the sliding panels and help to prevent them from being lifted out of their track.

    The locking mechanism is operated by lifting the small lever on the handle, when the door is closed.

  2. Anti-Lift Blocks
    It is highly recommended that external sliding doors are fitted with an anti-lift device. The anti-lift blocks on these doors are designed to prevent the sliding panels from being disengaged from the track. This is a common method of breaking into sliding patio doors. Once the sliding sashes are inserted into the frame, this simple yet effective anti-lift device is fitted to the top and bottom of each sliding sash.

    This device restricts the movement of the panels, so that they cannot rise up and out of the track, they also act as a guide, assisting in the smooth sliding action of the doors. When combined with our high security multi-point locking, they practically eliminate the threat of someone attempting this method of forced attack.

  3. Mono Rail Frame Construction
    The door panels on these patio doors slide on a monorail style track, which acts as both a guide and security measure. The sliding sashes sit on the mono-rail shaped outer-frame and track, which protrudes up into the sliding panels. When closed the sliding panel wraps and covers the outer-frame jambs, in the same male to female coupling action, to conceal the locks and keeps.

    This makes the locking mechanism almost impervious to attack and also helps to prevent the panels being lifted out of the frame.

  4. Key Locking Handles
    When closed the doors are secured by using a key to lock the cylinder, which in turn locks off the handle and prevents it from being used to operate the locks. These cylinders are highly pick resistant and drill resistant.

  5. High Security Glazing
    These Patio doors are glazed using a high security wrap-around glazing system, which provides both added security and ease of installation. Since the sliding sashes are constructed around the sealed units, the glass can only then be deglazed by taking the sliding sashes out of the frames and deconstructing them.

    The glass in all of our aluminium doors is toughened safety glass as standard, which is much harder to break than standard float glass. You can however further increase the security of these doors by upgrading to our laminated security glass.

  6. Recommended Sizes
    Min. Width (mm)14501
    Max. Width (mm)5400
    Min. Height (mm)1750
    Max. Height (mm)23501
    Max. Panel Width (mm)1350
    Max. Weight (Kg)200

    1This max. height applies when using a Heavy Duty interlock, standard interlock max. height is only 2100mm. Despite max. sizes, panels cannot exceed 3m2.

    Profile Depth
    Two Track System (mm)70
    Three Track System (mm)122

    1If trickle vents are required they are inserted into a 42mm head extension.
    2An optional 25mm projection cill can be added to protect the brick work under the doors.

    Sight Lines
    Head (mm)109
    Extended Head1 (mm)151
    Jambs (mm)112.5
    Standard Interlocks (mm)36.5
    Heavy Duty Interlocks (mm)38
    Meeting Stiles (mm)152
    Threshold (mm)109
    Threshold & Cill2 (mm)134

    Patio Door Performance

    U Value
    1200 Pa

    Suitable Applications

    1. Can be specified for domestic or light commercial applications.
    2. Meets Doc. L building regulations for new build. (For Oct. 2010)
    3. Meets Doc. L building regulations for replacement and refurbishment projects. (Oct. 2010)
    4. Does not currently meet Doc. Q for new dwellings. (Oct. 2015)
    5. The standard interlock is suitable for doors up to 2100mm tall, installed on the ground floor only.
    6. The heavy duty interlock is suitable for doors up to 2350mm tall when installed on the ground floor or 2200mm when installed on the first floor or in more exposed locations (for example; a house with a long garden, near the coast or on a hill).


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